Diet and Fitness – The Perfect Couple

Walking on Track 300In order to live a long, healthy and happy life, you’ll discover there are really only two rules to be adopted: diet & fitness.  Although many believe that they're the same, there isn't anything further from the truth. It is quite doable to maintain a nutritious diet without any fitness habits. Additionally, it is possible to be quite physically fit and maintain poor eating habits.

I have to be honest; you can actually shed pounds by dieting only. It will be tough but it is doable. Additionally, it is possible to stay physically fit yet have some extra weight hanging around. You may have heard the old saying "you are what you eat". If we maintain a diet that is high in fat and low in substance, our bodies simply won't have the energy necessary to burn fats. In addition if we don't supply our systems with the resources it requires to produce muscle it won't matter how much weight we lift or how regularly we exercise.

The greatest benefits are reached when diet & fitness work as a team instead of separately. A fitness routine can be used to burn off extra calories and your diet plan will provide the body with the nutrition and fuel required to produce muscle. Did you ever hear someone say muscle doesn't weigh as much as fat?  Quite simply, it doesn't matter if it's muscle or fat, one pound is still one pound. However, one pound of lean muscle takes up less area on our body when compared to the same amount of fat.  But, I would prefer my body be made up of muscle rather than fat. Diet alone will not produce muscle which is something to keep in mind in your endeavors to become fit.

Remember, when you are creating muscle and preferably shedding inches, you might not see a lot of movement on your scale. It's critical you don't gauge your progress solely by the numbers on the scale alone or you'll be mislead by the results.  One big problem I frequently see is too many individuals fall into this trap and become frustrated and stop trying when they're really making excellent progress.  Never let yourself turn into a slave of the scale.  A much better approach is to put on some clothes that had previously been too tight, or simply use the mirror and a tape measure.  Calculate if your sucessful by the way your feeling after a quick 10 minute walk or perhaps a climb up a set of stairs and not by the number of pounds you lost during the past week.

By choosing to include a fitness routine as part of your daily activities you're allowing your system to burn up any excess calories you might have consumed throughout the day. Meaning that should you cheat a bit on your diet throughout the day, you can get back on course by shedding more unwanted calories than you normally do at night. This isn't a practice that you want to make routine, but the occasional slip for a special event (Birthday, Holidays, Super Bowl) isn't likely to destroy your diet.  Dieting & fitness if properly combined can produce fantastic results for individuals who take both of them seriously. Both need to band together to produce maximum benefits.